Learn to know yourself. Then others will know you.


‘What you do in life is insignificant – but it is very important that you do it.’ – Ghandi

To be able to do this would be amazing, have a look for yourself at -http://www.safarivolunteer.com/ So here goes nothing!
If you would like to donate, please do so at the page below. I only have 30 DAYS to raise the money from today. This includes flights, accommodation and meals for two weeks. I would be going to help care for animals that cannot survive out in the wild, COMPLETELY run by volunteers and ethically regulated. This place would not survive without volunteers.
‘What you do in life is insignificant, but it is very important that you do it’ – Ghandi
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https://youtu.be/jrdqBk3o88w safari



The Shallows

Limbs moving in the dark

Just a shadow of who you are

Breathe in

Breathe deep


Am I asleep.

Do I wish to be awake?

To feel such hurt

To own such ache

Once in the shallows

Now adorned in waves.

If I am afraid

To be mirrored


Flash and Burn

Then why does it wish

For your return.

To let it go,

Once more, just go.

It’s not so bad

I know, you know.

I know you know.