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1950’s Typewriter


Blue ink

Blue Ink

Black dreams


Weightless seams

Crack of Dawn

Dew drop Lawn

Life Begins

In the brim –

Stone of fire,

In the gasps

Of desire.


Jasmine was afraid of the dark. She had been veiled in its oppressive, engulfing presence on too many occasions. Now she sat poised, eyes wide like two sunflowers stretching upwards and dared not blink; for fear of what may return.

The Shallows

Limbs moving in the dark

Just a shadow of who you are

Breathe in

Breathe deep


Am I asleep.

Do I wish to be awake?

To feel such hurt

To own such ache

Once in the shallows

Now adorned in waves.

If I am afraid

To be mirrored


Flash and Burn

Then why does it wish

For your return.

To let it go,

Once more, just go.

It’s not so bad

I know, you know.

I know you know.

New page, new poet

I am pleased to announce a page which will include original works of poetry and prose.

Hand typed copies of these are available to be purchased.

I also do custom and personalised typewritten stories/prose/poetry on request. The format and materials can be discussed. Examples being; invitations for weddings, a personalised anniversary/birthday/Valentine’s day poem or prose for an occasion such as a christening or graduation. It may simply be however, for personal enjoyment.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me at

I will be updating my blog regularly and hope you enjoy the work.  I can also be found at

Many thanks!

Samara Jones